Remembrance Sunday

This Sunday is Remembrance Sunday and we, the staff from Ty Eithin, WISH Project in Gorseinon, would like you to take a moment this Sunday to remember those that fought for us. Especially those whose head stones are still completely nameless. The TV programme, Long Lost Family, did an episode recently dedicated to those unknown soldiers and it highlighted what an amazing job the Ministry Of Defence are doing to identify any remains that are found. Upon doing so, they will trace and inform any surviving relatives and provide a dignified funeral with full military honours. The cenotaph outside Ty Eithin had the unveiling of an iron statue in memory of the Unknown Soldier on the 11th October. As you look at it, the following poem seems poignant:

I do not know your name 

Nor for which battle you died

I do not know your home

Nor the tears that were cried.

I do not know where you rest,

Nor the promises broken,

I do not know your uniform,

And your fears lay unspoken.       

But, I know your spirit exist,

That your courage is admired,

And your sacrifice is honoured,

By each soul that’s inspired.

And I offer from my heart

Thank you, to guardians unknown,

For offering yourselves for us all

That we may keep freedom…

Our home.

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