General Homes In Carmarthenshire

We operate a joint housing list with Carmarthenshire County Council who handle all applications for rented housing including our Extra Care schemes in Ammanford and Carmarthen. Find out about how to apply for one of our homes in Carmarthenshire below.

The way homes are let in Carmarthenshire have changed with the launch of Canfod Cartref Home Finder service. You can now:

  • see what homes are available
  • decide if you want to be considered for the vacant home
  • see what priority banding the successful applicant had

If you wish to apply for any of our homes or transfer, please contact Carmarthenshire County Council on 01554 899389 or for further information you can visit their website Carmarthenshire County Council.



If Caredig has contacted you about a possible vacancy, please contact us on 01792 460192 option 3,  or email