Renting Homes Wales Act

From December 1st 2022, the Renting Homes (Wales) Act will change how you rent your home. This new law affects all landlords and tenants in Wales.

The Way you rent is changing & Mae'r ffordd yr ydych chi'n rhentu yn newid

Renting Homes is the biggest change to housing law in Wales for decades. It increases protections for tenants and licensees, and clarifies their rights and responsibilities. Because Renting Homes applies to both tenants and licensees, they are called ‘contract-holders’ under the new law. Your landlord will issue you with an ‘occupation contract’, which will replace your tenancy or licence agreement.

There are two types of occupation contract:

They will include information that explains the meaning and importance of the contract. These can be issued in hardcopy or, if the contract-holder agrees, electronically.

Your occupation contract with us will have to be set out in a ‘written statement’. The purpose of the written statement is to confirm the terms of the contract. This written statement must contain all required contractual terms.

These are:

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