Our Performance

We work with tenants to set new standards, and we monitor our performance so that customers know how we’re doing. Scroll down to read more about how we monitor our performance!

Planning, Setting Priorities & Self-Evaluation

The Welsh Government requires all Housing Associations to publish their “Self-Evaluation” against a set of delivery outcomes which are laid out in the Regulatory Framework.

In our report we provide an overview of the key areas where we are doing well, the difference we have made, and where we recognise we need to improve.

STAR: Tenants Satisfaction Survey

We ask our tenants how satisfied they are with the homes and services we provide. The survey enables us to measure satisfaction with our services and to benchmark our performance against other housing associations in order to identify service improvements.

Due to Covid-19 our latest Start Survey has been postponed.

Value for Money

Our Value for Money (VFM) statement provides an overview of our value for money objectives, how we are doing and our plans for the year ahead. Our plans will change and evolve as we embed value for money throughout the association.

Regulatory Opinion

The way we deliver services and the measures we set ourselves are decided with the assistance of our tenants and external regulators such as the Welsh Government, Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales and others.

The Regulatory Framework for Housing Associations Registered in Wales sets out the expectations to be met by housing providers to ensure that tenants get a fair deal and that public money is safeguarded.

The aim of the regulatory framework is to ensure that each association is:

  • Well governed
  • Financially viable
  • Delivering high-quality services

Performance Summary

Our Performance Summary reports on the following categories, tenants, people, homes, finances and services. Our latest report can now be viewed.

Scrutiny Panel

Caredig’s Scrutiny Panel carries out independent reviews into our services. We always welcome feedback from our customers - whether that's a compliment, a complaint, or an idea for how we could improve we’d love to hear from you!

If you would like to get involved in shaping and reviewing what we do, get in touch to tell us how you think we're doing!

There are also many other ways you can help to shape our services for the better - click here to find out how you can get involved.