Moving Home

This page tells you everything you need to know about how to apply for a transfer, what you need to do before you move out, and how you can find a new home using the HomeSwapper app!

Applying For A Transfer

You can apply for a housing transfer if you have an Assured or Secure Tenancy (not a 12-month introductory tenancy) and you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Your children cannot live with you
  • You are facing an issue that seriously affects where you are living at the moment
  • Any rent arrears are being reduced by a formal agreement
  • Your home is overcrowded or too big
  • You cannot afford your current rent and need to move to somewhere with a lower rent
  • You need to move for access to work or schooling
  • You have medical or support needs
  • You have no current breaches of tenancy that are being investigated
  • Your home meets our re-let standard


HomeSwapper is the largest mutual exchange (swapping) service for housing associations and council tenants who want to house or flat swap anywhere in the UK. You can search via the website or download the app. Fees apply.

Once you find someone who you want to swap with you should contact the Housing Team as there are some forms for you and the other person to complete. You must not swap homes until we as your landlord have given permission.

Before You Move Out

  • Give us four weeks’ notice in writing. Even if you move out before the notice ends you will be responsible for the rent in those 4 weeks (except in exceptional circumstances).
  • Make sure any outstanding rent or other charges are paid in full.
  • Make sure your home is in a clean and tidy condition with no damage. Clear all belongings including attic space, garden and sheds. If you leave rubbish or any other items behind when you move out we will dispose of it and you will be charged a clearing fee.
  • Give us a forwarding address and contact phone number.
  • Return your keys to the office at the end of your notice period.