Sustainability has moved from being a separate strategic objective to being why we are here. We recognise that as a Registered Social Landlord we sustain people in affordable homes, sustain communities and help them to thrive and are guardians of intergenerational homes ensuring they are resilient to the impacts of climate change.

The Sustainability Challenge

The Climate Emergency presents various problems for Caredig. Whilst the Welsh economy needs a rapid transition to a net-zero economy, there is a need for fairness and to ensure that our most vulnerable are not left behind.

The funding required to decarbonise our homes is considerable. However, amongst our Board, Staff, Partners and Tenants there is a growing will, and momentum to reduce our carbon footprint and work in a sustainable way.

Key Principals

Key Sustainability Principles

We have key sustainable principles, and the focus is on both action and education. We will utilise these principles when making decisions about our business and the impact of making decisions on the environment, but we also recognise that we cannot achieve our ambition on our own, it will require collaboration with partners, staff and tenants.

You can read our full Sustainability Strategy by downloading the document below

Sustainability Strategy

Caredig's Carbon Footprint

Our Vision

Our vision for Caredig is dependent on identifying and responding to the potential impacts of climate change. For example, to make a “positive difference to the lives of tenants, staff and communities” means to provide services and developments that are climate-proof, that uphold decent living standards for all, and protect vulnerable communities from economic or financial impacts of climate change. The vision also recognises the importance of creating a circular economy, supporting local supply chains and creating a regenerative economy that self-sustains, whilst minimising extraction from the environment

Carboon Footprint

Our Carbon Footprint

Caredig’s carbon footprint was 8,202 tCO2e (2019-20). 75% of our emissions are from our
existing homes and 81% of emissions are from burning natural gas. A key challenge will be deciding how to move away from natural gas for heating Caredig’s homes. Tenant engagement will be very important for this to be successful.

We engaged the Carbon Trust to measure our Carbon footprint for the financial year 2019/20and you can read the full report by down loading the below document.

Carbon Footprint Report