Funding Secured for Wellbeing Service

We are delighted to share that we have been successful in winning funding for a full-time post to deliver a new service called Dechrau. This service will support our tenants across Swansea and Neath and will connect people to their community and peer support networks to enhance their mental wellbeing and build on their own strengths and capabilities.

During this very challenging time we have seen a significant increase in the impact of living in a pandemic on people’s mental wellbeing often linked to a number of causes of which loneliness and isolation alongside financial worries are the highest. The service is for any of our tenants whose mental wellbeing is has been negatively affected. We expect that the majority people accessing the service will be as a direct cause from COVID-19 or through its impact on other areas of their lives, like employment or finances.

Funding is provided by the West Glamorgan Regional Partnership, who manage the ICF for the region. The funding contributes towards the achievement of the regional wellbeing objective of Strong, Resilient, Connected Communities

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