Family Housing Staff Join The Big Sleep Out

Staff from Family Housing have volunteered their time to take part in The Cold Truth Sleepout 2019 that is being organised by The Wave in Swansea.

They will spend one night sleeping outside at the Liberty Stadium on 20th February, 7 pm – 7 am with just a sleeping bag and a piece of cardboard, in aid to raise money and awareness of the issue of homelessness. This by no means compares to the experience of a genuinely homeless person, but it will help to highlight the challenges that are faced every day.

The staff all have their own personal reasons for taking part but as an organisation, homelessness is something Family Housing works hard to try and prevent on a daily basis. We work closely with many charities and are proud of all our staff who are eager to highlight the need of others and are able to give a little back. For this event, our staff would like to raise as much awareness as possible and funds for their chosen charity, which is Zac’s Place.

Funding is vital to all the charities that are linked to this event – Zac’s PlaceMatthew’s HouseLlamauTrampface

You can make any donations via the Just Giving fundraising page that has been set up and you can also read more on this event at The Wave The Cold Truth.



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