Family Housing Helps Develop the Digital Skills of Tenants and Staff

Leading Welsh Social Housing Landlord, Family Housing Association Wales Ltd, has been recognised for its hard work in helping its tenants, as well as its staff and volunteers, become more computer savvy.

The Swansea-based Housing Association, which develops and manages homes throughout South Wales has just been accredited under the Wales Co-operative Centre’s Digital Inclusion Charter, for its dedication to providing meaningful support and training in this key area.

As part of its on-going digital inclusion drive Family Housing has appointed and trained 23 digital champions and six tenant champions across their housing schemes.

The company has focused particularly on Older Persons and Supported Housing Services by running almost 30 schemes enabling Housing Officers to help tenants get online and get the benefit of being digitally savvy.

Carol John, Family Housing’s Tenant Participation Officer, said: “We are delighted to receive this accreditation, which our teams have worked so hard for.

“Digital skills are an integral part of Family Housing’s formal staff training programme and we have our own Digital Inclusion Strategy as well as a Tenant Participation and Financial Inclusion Strategy, and widening this support to encompass our tenants is, we feel, a vital service.

“We live in a fully digital age and it is important, both from a practical point of view and from a social and emotional point of view, that our residents don’t feel left behind.

“Having access to digital services and platforms helps to keep people connected with family friends and with the community, and with the onset of universal credit and the fact that all government services will be going on-line, it is important that we get tenants online or show them where they can access the internet.

“As part of our digital inclusion drive we will also continue to promote the added benefits of going online for saving money and for overcoming isolation.”

Family Housing Association also has a computer it its Walter Road reception where staff can help tenants pay rent, look for available properties and check websites.

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