Family Housing Services During Current Lockdown

Following the Welsh Government update of the full lockdown with Tier 4 restrictions for three weeks from  Midnight December 19th across Wales, this is an update about services for tenants during this period. 

As ever, our priority is to protect the health and safety of you, your family, and our people. We will continue to closely follow Government advice and keep you updated. 

We ask that you remain considerate towards each other, particularly your neighbours, in what is a difficult time for everyone.  

Also, please note that our phone lines are open for emergency repair calls only between December 24th and January 4th. Non – emergency repairs should be reported to us from 4th January onwards and work will be scheduled to be undertaken after lockdown restrictions are lifted. 


Help us keep you safe

  • If you have an appointment with us, please let us know if you, or someone you live with has tested positive for Covid 19 
  • Please stay 2m apart from anyone entering your home, or in any shared spaces 
  • By letting us into your home if you have an appointment booked inside the building you live in 
  • By wearing your mask when you are in communal areas 
  • By reporting anything you think could be a danger 
  • By letting us know about any of your neighbours you may be concerned about 
  • By keeping all communal areas clear of hazards such as bikes and pushchairs 

Services unavailable

  • Face to face meetings will remain on hold, apart from emergency situations 
  • Communal rooms in all schemes will remain closed 
  • Some services in extra care schemes, such as hairdressers will close temporarily and others, such as gyms and community activities, will remain closed  
  • We will not carry out routine repairs in your home 
  • We will not be replacing Bathrooms & Kitchens 
  • We will not carry out routine inspections. 
  • We will not be undertaking adaptations to your home unless it is essential to enable you to move into your home. 

Disrupted services

  • Our phone lines remain very busy. Please contact us through our website or webchat if your query isn’t urgent 
  • Your home move may be delayed if it is not urgent 
  • Some services in Extra Care schemes such as shops and restaurants will continue but with extra restrictions to ensure they are operating safely 

Operating as usual

  • Our reception at Walter Rd will be closed 
  • Our webchat and website are operating as normal
  • It’s important you continue to make rent payments, which you can do online and over the phone . See here
  • Advice and support is available for anyone with concerns about your welfare, money worries, or your tenancy.
  • We will continue to deal with anti-social behaviour as set out here 
  • If you are already due to move home or urgently need to move you can still do sas long as we can arrange this safely 
  • We will carry out Emergency repairs in your home 
  • We will carry out our Estates cleaning service 
  • We will carry out Inspections to Tenant’s homes in emergency situations 
  • We will continue with our Gas and Electrical Safety checks 
  • We will carry out work to our empty properties 
  • We will carry out works in communal areas 


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