Welcome to Caredig! Formerly known as Family Housing

We are delighted to announce that we have recently changed our name from Family Housing to Caredig - pronounced Ca-rae-dig. Caredig means ‘Kind’ in Welsh, which reflects our core purpose of creating better homes and services for communities, putting the delivery of person-centred services first.

Over the years we have diversified and now provide much more than bricks and mortar. With our partners in health, housing and social care, we also contribute to the development of thriving communities by providing extra care schemes, supported housing and mental health services.


Left: Jo Ashford (Tenant), Right: Marcia Sinfield (Chief Executive)

Left to right: Jo Ashford (Tenant) and Marcia Sinfield (Chief Executive)


Marcia Sinfield, Chief Executive: “We are delighted to announce that we are now called Caredig, which is a much better reflection of the housing and support we provide. I’m enormously proud of our staff and we’ve had great feedback that the name, with its link to kindness, really embodies who we are and what we do.

"Here at Caredig we’re really excited about the next stage of our journey, we have ambitious plans and are already building new homes and delivering new services so that we can reach more people, making a difference to people’s lives.”

We are really pleased to have received positive feedback from our tenant engagement groups. Jo Ashford, a Caredig tenant living in Swansea: “The name reflects the organisation and my experience of them. They have been kind and empathetic and have made a real positive difference to my life. When I first became a tenant, at the age of 66, I was worried about finances and the Housing Officer showing me around the flat did a housing benefit application for me there and then. I didn’t think I would find a home that was nice and affordable so to be able to walk into a lovely new clean flat with a safe roof over my head meant the world to me. As far as I'm concerned, I’ve had nothing but kindness from them.”