New Executive Team at Caredig

Caredig has been through both challenging and exciting times in recent years. Together with partners, we maintained essential services during the pandemic, keeping our tenants and staff safe. Emerging from Covid our focus was to return as swiftly as possible to normal service delivery.

During this time, we changed our name from Family Housing to Caredig – which means kind in Welsh, relaunched our development programme for new homes, and took advantage of grant funding to improve existing homes including the start of the journey to sustainable, lower carbon homes.

Last year with staff, tenants and partners we developed our Vision of The Caredig Way – Proudly creating great places to live and work, alongside of Values of Kindness, Accountability, Trust and Innovation.
We recognised that lots of hard work lay ahead and developed a blueprint for a leadership team which would:

• Ensure that as leaders, we work in collaboration with tenants, staff and stakeholders, to set out Caredig’s strategic direction.
• Create an environment where the shadows that leaders cast embodies the culture and values of Caredig.
• Provide leadership capacity to respond to the challenges tenants’ face, supporting them to achieve great outcomes.

Marcia Sinfield, Chief Executive says "Our Executive Team is now in place, and I am delighted to be working with Steve Evans – Director of Housing and Communities, Paul Bastow – Director of Property and Assets, Cerys Gregory – Director of Finance, Development and Governance and Vicky Nicholas – Assistant Director of People and Culture. We have also welcomed Ian Hoskison as Head of Technology and Business Improvement and Emma Morgan as Head of Housing and Support.

There is still so much to do, and our focus will be to together improve the services and homes we deliver to provide better outcomes for People, Homes and Communities. We look forward to working with tenants, stakeholder and staff to do this.”