A Warm Welcome to First Minister, Mark Drakeford and Adam Price MS

We were delighted to welcome the First Minister, Mark Drakeford and Adam Price MS, to Bro Preseli, our Extra Care scheme in Pembrokeshire.
During the visit the First Minister met with residents, who shared their insights to provide an understanding of the scheme and its facilities, as well as explaining Bro Preseli’s strong links with the local community.
Staff also had the opportunity to explain how we support tenant engagement through hubs and focus groups, which assists in providing updates and receiving feedback from residents.

First Minister Mark Drakeford said:
“It was a pleasure to meet residents and see how living at Bro Preseli is having such a positive impact on their life.
“Extra care is so important as it provides not only good quality living accommodation but also the comfort and security of on-site care and support when it is needed.
“It was also great to see such positive relationships with staff through active tenant engagement and close links to the local community.”

Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price said:
“Social care services that meet people’s needs and support them to live as independently as possible are vital and what I saw at Bro Preseli – from the relationships between tenants and staff to the facilities themselves – I was very encouraged.
The future of social care is included in the Co-operation Agreement between Plaid Cymru and the Welsh Government. I look forward to working together to continue to improve services for people all over Wales.”

Marcia Sinfield, Chief Executive of Caredig, said:
“It was a pleasure to welcome the First Minister and Adam Price to Bro Preseli today. We thank them for their interest in the scheme, talking to tenants and staff who are proud that extra care facilities like this create strong, resilient communities where people can lead active and fulfilling lives.”