Caredig Neighbour of The year Awards

This year we launched our Caredig Neighbour of the Year Award!

We wanted to shine the spotlight on residents who share their kindness everyday and ask for nothing in return. We had so many strong entries, which were humbling to read and it made us really proud to be part of something so special.

Our Community Engagement Team Carol and Emma, who set up this award, found it hard to select just one winner, so we have three!

Taz a resident of our Supported Housing was nominated for being the life and sole of Ty Eithen and the scheme wouldn't be the same without him, he makes all his fellow tenants laugh and to be positive and is always there to support any of his neighbours. He always looks out for them, they had a recent dilemma where another resident locked themselves out of there room late at night, Taz phoned on call with them and stayed up with them until they were safe back in their room. Taz is also never shy to participate in cooking events and charity events as he has done so in the past.

Fred a resident of our Hazel Court Scheme was nominated for being an asset to the community around him. Fred is a 93yr old widow who lives alone. Every morning he goes on his scooter to the shop to collect newspapers and magazines for other residents. He then does his rounds delivering, chatting, and having the odd cup of tea. Residents look forward to his visits and for some, he is their only visitor. Fred says the visits keep him going. He often reports back to staff if someone is under the weather. He visits the staff office every day and is always cheerful and upbeat. Sometimes taking fruit or biscuits. Fred has even been known to help instil his friends temporary eyedrops! Hazel Court would certainly be a duller place without Fred whizzing around on his scooter!!

Janice a resident of General Housing has been a resident with Caredig for 25 years and has helped to build the community around her. She is full of kindness for others and in the words of her friend Ann ‘has a heart of gold’. Janice was nominated for being a fantastic neighbour to most when she's needed, going out of her way to doing different things for different people. She will regularly make a Sunday lunch and take one next door to Ann, which she has been doing for years, she has often made Sunday dinners for others too, she also takes dinners plus bowls of Cawl to the old age in the complex where she works. She really looked out for Ann during the pandemic as she were shielding due to ill-health. Janice always checks in on Ann, by calling around or phoning/texting etc, she also does this for other neighbours too. Earlier this year on the King's Coronation day, Janice plated up a sweet & savoury buffet for several neighbours and delivered them around the street on the morning of the event so they could have a snack to watch the King on TV. She is overly generous, has a heart of gold and is the best neighbour anyone could ask for, always going the extra mile that’s for sure. She is a friend, a friend forever.

The Caredig Neighbour of the Year Award will be held annually and we are looking forward to highlighting more kindness of residents.